A couple sits on a blanket in a grassy park, having a picnic. The man pulls out a guitar, telling the woman that he's written a song for her. He begins to sing, when the sky gets dark and they hear a crack of thunder. Meanwhile, a blue Toyota Rav-4 pulls up to the park, and Eli Manning gets out. He runs to the spot where the couple is picnicking, and stares at the sky, willing the dark clouds to go away, and the sun to come back out. Eli then runs back to his car and drives away. The woman is amazed - not that Eli was able to stop the thunderstorm, but that he really does drive a Toyota.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So, I actually wrote you a song. 
Oh, that's embarrassing. 
(lyrics) Together we can do anything we want 
Oh, looks like it's gonna rain. 
Wow. Eli Manning really does drive a Toyota! 
Now we can stay. 
(singing) together we can do anything we want

Written Text


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