"Note, the New Way" 
This commercial begins with an aerial view of a speedboat riding up to a tropical island. We then see someone's hand and realize this is a video on the Samsung Galaxy Note. They use a stylus to navigate on the touch screen, starting by drawing on a map of the world - circling and drawing arrows. A woman on an airplane uses her tablet in "Multiscreen Mode", and works on two different business documents at once, including dragging and dropping a pie chart between them. Another guy takes a picture of a plain wedding cake, and then designs it on the tablet by adding a bow, flowers, and stripes. Other people write, star, highlight, turn pages, and various other tasks with the stylus.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

A new way to plan. A new way to work. A new way to create. Note, the new way. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. 
Just shoot for the stars 
If it feels right 
And aim for my heart 
If you feel like 
Take me by the tongue 
And I'll know you

Written Text

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 
Sales Projection 
Adobe Photoshop Touch 
Dear Edele 
Note, the new way

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