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There is a resource so limitless  
that it can never be exhausted 
and so powerful it can accomplish any task 
That resource  
is imagination 
Imagination helps us redefine what's possible tomorrow (Global Research) 
so we can create it today 
Right now Each day 
our technology is helping produce 1/4 of the world's electricity 
we purify enough water for 39 million people 
(Water & Process Technologies) 
we ship another wind turbine every three hours (ecomagination) 
and we fly 3.5 million airline passengers each day with jet engines from GE and its partners 
Right now  
we're entertaining and informing over 100 million people daily (NBC Universal) 
we're helping consumers reach their dreams and companies grow with $1.85 billion in credit 
and before the day is done 
we'll have helped doctors save nearly 3,000 lives 
These are products of the imagination  
the technology 
and the vision 
of GE 
A global infrastructure, finance and media company 
driven to take on the world's toughest challenges 
and we are doing it today 
this minute 
this second 
right now 
Innovation you don't have to wait for 
GE imagination at work

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