"Home Improvement - Boudoir" 
This commercial shows a woman painting her bedroom a bright, fiery, sexy orange/red color. Her husband returns home tired after a long day of work. He gets up to the bedroom where the wife is excited to show off her work. They quickly collapse onto the bed where they have to shut out the dog (the Dulux sheepdog, of course) so they can have some fun. When the door opens back up, there is a screaming baby, a wild toddler, and the wife is pregnant again. Deciding they can't have another, the wife paints over the seductive red paint with plain white.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

In here. 
What do you think? 
You've been busy. Ha. 
Kiss me once, then kiss me twice 
Then kiss me once again 
It's been a long, long time 
Haven't felt like this, my dear 
Since I can't remember when 
It's been a long, long time 
Then kiss me once again

Written Text

Home Improvement by Dulux 
A brand from AkzoNobel 
Let's color at

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