"I Love Winter" 
This commercial shows a woman enduring the horribly cold winter. Getting wet in the cold rain because her umbrella blew away, getting blown by the wind, and having hands so cold she can hardly unlock her door. Inside, it's not much better. She can barely get out of her wet clothes, and she doesn't look all the good with her wet hair and messed up makeup either. She can't even get a break when she's trying to warm up in the bathtub as cold water drips on her from the ceiling. After her bath, her glasses fog up, but for some reason she really loves winter. We soon learn why. After she's settled in, she makes herself a nice bowl of hot Heinz cream of tomato soup, and forgets all about the bad things and just enjoys her meal.

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I love winter. The time umbrellas make their great escape. The novelty of numb fingers. Clothes more water than fabric. Gale-force makeovers. The puddles that lie in wait under wobbly slabs just waiting to pounce up your leg. The wind blows you backwards chilling you to the bone. Tidal waves from errant cars, and the cold takes your breath away. All forgotten

Written Text

It has to be Heinz Classic Cream of Tomato Soup

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