This commercial follows a few different story lines of people on vacation: 
A man getting a great (but sometimes rough) massage by the side of a pool. 
Several girls check into their hotel room. They drop their suitcases and all jump in the bed together. 
A man with kids is napping in a chair at the beach. His kids fill up a bucket with water from the ocean and throw it at him. He gets up to chase them. 
A couple is having fun in a park. The girl sprays the guy with water causing a chase. They fall on the ground and start kissing.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Girl tell me how you feel 
What your fantasy, oh 
I see us on a beach down in Mexico 
You can put your feet up 
Be my senorita 
We ain't gotta rush 
Just take it slow 
You'll be in the high life 
Soaking up the sunlight 
Anything you want, it's yours 
I'll have you living life like you should 
You say you never had it so good 
Na nana na na

Written Text

Where are you going? 
Europe from 39.49 
Europe by easyJet 
easyJet, East Jet

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