The commercial begins with a blue iPod showing the song Yeah Yeah by Willy Moon. The play button is pushed and as the song begins to play, the iPod starts to bounce. The blue iPod flips over, changing into a pink iPod. Then it turns into a yellow-green iPod. The iPod turns into two - a pink and blue - both bouncing. iPods of different colors start bouncing around, changing into iPod nanos. With each bounce, the iPods multiply.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Everybody well don't you know it's me now 
Yeh, who's it, who is it 
Well, he's back with a brand new beat now uh 
Yeh, you doin' it doin' it 
Hey hey hey hey yeah 
Tryin' to doubt my style? 
Hey, hey hey yeah how you like me now? 
Naa naa na na na naa oo-ohh

Written Text

Willy Moon 
Yeah Yeah 

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