"An Awesome World" 
This commercial shows an author, and great dad who wanted to write a book for his son. He got it all written and decided to search for how to publish it, but he was turned down by all the publishers. So, he decided to self publish the book instead.

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My name is Dallas Clayton. I knew I wanted to write a book for my son to teach him about the idea of dreaming big, and the idea of having powerful, fantastic dreams. I sat down, and I wrote the story out for it, and I was like, aw, this is pretty good! So I took it out to different publishers, and every single one of them turned it down, so I made some copies for myself and I put the book online for free. People started sharing the book, the book was shipping, and selling out. I'd wake up and, oh, someone on Germany in some blog wrote about it, and all of a sudden, a thousand orders from Germany. So then I started traveling all over the world reading books to people. 
Are you guys the ones that I'm supposed to read this book to? 
After the first four, just just like, I want to do this forever. To me it was never about writing a physical book. It's about sharing an idea with as many people as possible. 
I can change the future! 
And on top of everything, I get to share it with the one person I love the most. That's the best part.

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Dream Big 
Dream Fun 
Inbox - 
How to publish a book 
How to publish a book for free 
How to self publish a book 
An Awesome Book! 
Dream ten times as big as that one dream you see 
"I wrote a book for my son and it changed my life." 
Read the book! 
To dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be 
This is an Awesome Book! 
An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton 
Your Circles, Share 
Based on the simple concept of dreaming big,.. inspiring debut work of Los Angeles writer/artist... in the vein of classic imaginative tails 
Johnathan H. Lui, Alex Bec 
Stilsucht - Dallas Clayton ein tolles Buch 
Everyone Reads - New Author - Dallas Clayton Welcome on April 12 
An Awesome Book Tour!!! 
I can change the future! 
Dallas Clayton, awesome dad 
The web is what you make of it. 

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