The commercial begins with a little girl, smiling when she finds an Amazon box on the kitchen counter. A hand doodles with a pencil in a notebook. A woman in a green shirt stands in the library, among a row of books, reading on an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. A man on a darkened airplane reads his Kindle Paperwhite. A woman on the beach, reads her Kindle Paperwhite in bright sunlight. A woman reads her Kindle Paperwhite in her bedroom, while her cat on the bed rubs it's head on the Kindle. A young girl reads her Kindle Paperwhite while walking down the stairs in her house, engrossed in her book. Another young girl reads in the backseat of the car, in the dark, while her brother sleeps next to her.

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We're the people with the smile on the box. We're the re-inventors of normal. That's why we created our newest Kindle with the world's first Paperwhite display that reads without glare in bright sunlight, at night, and every minute in between. Because the only thing more perfect than reading, is more reading. The all-new Kindle Paperwhite.

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