"Don't Let the Cold Monster Catch You" 
This commercial shows a woman coming outside into the cold. She sneezes, and as soon as she does, a giant, disgusting, snotty monster starts chasing her. The monster is supposed to represent a cold, and the woman doesn't want it to catch her. It gets close and even traps her in an alley, but she pulls out Zicam and stops it in its tracks. It runs away from her and gets hit by a delivery truck.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That first sneeze. You have a pre-cold. The first sign a full cold is coming. Take Zicam now, the completely different kind of medicine that's clinically proven to shorten a cold. Go from pre-cold to no cold faster.

Written Text

Zicam Cold Remedy 
Go from Pre-Cold to No Cold faster.

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