A couple sits on the hood of their car, parked on the beach, watching television on their mobile device. A man is on public transportation, watching television on his mobile device. A woman sits in the waiting area in an airport, watching "season one". She is on the airplane watching "season two". In the baggage claim area, she is watching "season three". A man and his father sit in a living room, watching football together. A crowded bus stop shows people cheering for "the big moment". A woman running on a treadmill is "getting caught up".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Narrated by Selma Blair) 
This is your living room, and so is this. This is season one, and two, and three. This is the big game. And the big moment. This is getting caught up. This is Xfinity TV. This is easy, this is simple, this is awesome. Xfinity. The future of awesome.

Written Text

The future of awesome

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