"Chromebook: For Everyone" 
This commercial for the new Google laptop computer called the "Chromebook" features a montage of various people including little children yelling for their mom, people doing double dutch jump rope, someone using their laptop in a messy kitchen, people dancing, kids fighting in the back seat of a car, parents spending time with their kids, a guy playing the air guitar, a cat sitting next to a sleeping man, people watching a movie on a laptop, a bunch of girls having fun at a slumber party, kids doing homework, someone working from home in their bare feet, a huge St. Bernard, a guy at graduation, people at a birthday party, a little girl standing and walking on the Chromebook, a boy getting a pile of spaghetti thrown in his face, two twin babies dancing back and forth in their highchairs, and much more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! 
If I felt cynicism, I'd wrap it in a blanket of discontentment 
I feel beter knowing that I decided not to, 
When you were looking 'round, you veered to the right, 
Did you notice that? 
And I feel better knowing that I decided not to. 
In hindsight, I don't want to be like the people I've liked.

Written Text

For One 
For Two 
For Goo 
For Goofing 
For Keeping the Peace 
For Peace of Mind 
For Play Time 
For Dad Time 
For Dad's Time 
For Lazy Sundays 
For Movie Fridays 
For Sleepovers 
For Homework 
For Working From Home 
For Your First Computer 
For Your Second Computer 
For First Timers 
For Experts 
For Sharing 
For Not Sharing 
For Going 
For Getting There 
For Giving 
For High Maintenance 
For Low Maintenance 
For Perfect Families 
For Real Families 
For All Families 
For Everyone 
Introducing the new Chromebook 
The $249 laptop from Google 
For Everyone 
Chrome, Saving..., All changes saved in Drive

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