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Hey, can I take him for dinner after? 
Yeah, come on mom. What if we're back by 7? 
What if we're back by seven? 
Okay, fine, 7. 
Seven it is. Don't worry. Say "bye mom". 
Bye mom! 
Who's the new soccer coach? 
Stacy's ex. The soccer player. 
Spend 5 or 10 minutes a day passing the ball with a brother or a sister. Yeah? 
I had a sister, but she died. 
You were a great, great player. 
Dryer with a shot... GOAL! 
So what are you doing with your time now, post-soccer? 
And now for CSA Sports. On a last-second penalty kick today... 
This is your credit card company. If George Dryer is no longer at this number, press 1. If George Dryer is deceased, press 2. 
You ever think of what it might be like if I didn't screw it all up? 
All the time I wondered. You're the most exciting thing that ever happened to me George. 
Are you sad mom's getting married? 
Yeah, but Mike seems like a nice guy. 
I decided that I'm not gonna call him dad. 
Hi, I'm Denise. 
Have we met before. 
Not that I remember. 
You're a sportscaster on TV. 
I was. ESPN are looking to expand their soccer coverage. 
I've got that audition as a sportscaster. 
Dad, please don't leave. 
Let's go out there and give it everything we've got, and let's get there wankers! 
Let's get these wankers! 
Hey dad, me and mom are going to the arcade today. You wanna come? 
ESPN loved you. You did it George. 
I just can't. I got a boy who really needs me to start becoming a father. 
I'm either too early, or I'm too late. In a couple weeks I'm gonna be too late again. 
That's a couple that can really talk. 
I don't think he's the groom. 
I got a hundred bucks here that says you can't hit it. 
You think you can handle this thing? 
Are you serious? 
Let's not tell your mom about this. 
Meet me at the water 
Where all your dreams come true 
Oh yeah, I'm gonna steal your heart 
I'm gonna steal your heart away

Written Text

December 7 
Film District 
Millennium Films 
George Dryer was a Pro at soccer and an Amateur at life. 
From the director of The Pursuit of Happyness. 
On December 7th when you get a second chance, take your chance. 
Gerard Butler 
Jessica Biel 
Uma Thurman 
with Catherine Zeta-Jones 
and Dennis Quaid 
Playing for Keeps 
This holiday season, what do you really want?

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