"Last Stand" 
Cadbury has re-branded their Easter Cadbury Creme Eggs for Halloween as Cadbury Screme Eggs. This commercial shows a scared Cadbury Creme Egg hiding from a bunch of Zombie Cadbury Screme Eggs. Out of nowhere, two other Creme Eggs roll up in a remote controlled monster truck with a spatula on the front of it and egg beaters / whisks on the wheels. They smash through the zombies smearing green goo all over the truck. The Creme egg comes out of hiding and jumps in the back of the truck. A remote controlled helicopter flies up and drops down a shoe string for the eggs to climb up and escape from the Zombie Screme Apocalypse.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Goo goo googoo goo! 
Goo goo! 

Written Text

Get them while you Last. 
New Cadbury Screme Egg 
Cadbury Scream Egg 
Cadburg Creme Egg Canada 

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