"The Real Bears" This animated commercial features several polar bears that are meant to be parodies of the famous Coca-Cola polar bears that have been used in their advertising since 1922. This public service ad shows the real story of polar bears (okay, they're talking about people) who drink too much cola and soda drinks. The ad begins with a family of the white bears sitting in the snow drinking their bottles of pop. One of the little bears notices a whale in the ocean and points to it. Everyone ignores him for a while and they just drink their delicious beverages. When the adult bear bends over, however, it rips it's "clothes" (fur?) because it's so fat. They walk home while drinking another soda and see an advertisement for more soda products that just says "Happy!" On their way, one of them sees a fish jump out of a hold in the ice. The little bear is hungry so he decides to go after it, but he's too fat to fit through the hole. Once home, there are more advertisements in the newspaper, and one of the bears has to take an insulin shot (which he takes out of a refrigerator full of cola bottles) because of how fat he is and all the sugar he eats/drinks. Later that night, mom bear is feeling frisky, but dad can't rise to the challenge because his Diabetes causes ED. The next day, the bears are outside with drinks in hand, and a fish jumps up on the snow. The mother bear picks up the fish to eat it, but one of her teeth falls out due to all the sugar and acid in their drinks. After this, the family goes to the hospital because the father's diabetes is causing problems with his foot. The doctor (a snow fox) gets a chainsaw to remove the bear's leg. After the "surgery" the family is watching TV with the dad in a wheelchair. A soda ad comes on telling the bears to "Be happy dammit!" They, of course, listen as the dad wheels his chair to the fridge and gets out drinks for the whole family. They go outside, and seem to have learned their lesson after the father's ailment. They all pour out the drinks because they want to live healthy lives. (Unfortunately, they pour it right in the ocean. While eventually that's where all liquid goes, but it seems like a bad message to send.)

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Sugar, sugar I want to make you happy Like the sun you shine You brighten up a grey day Sugar, sugar So good, so good, Sugar Sugar, sugar You really make me happy. Get to feeling high, I want to shout it from the mountain side Sugar, so good so good. Sugar Now is the time to live your live without fuss Because sugar because Now is the only time there ever was You could make life sweet You could You could Sugar I want to make you happy I want to give you the good love I want to give you a bear hug Sugar. You're so good. Sugar MC FLOW: Sugar. sugar. Please be happy. You know i'm sweet on your smile I believe in ya Sprinkle the lips with your incredible kisses You make me wanna roar Take the swim with the fishes Spoonful of love Makes the medicine go down Sugar, sugar Live when Live why Live well Live right Live high Now is the time to live your life without fuss Because, sugar Because Now is the only time there are was You could make live sweet You could You could Sugar Life is a like a melody It has it's ups and it's downs Only you can save me Sugar, you're so good Sugar Oh. The power is in your own head. You can have it all You can live a long long time The power is in your ? The power is in your home You're the only one i want Sugar Sugar Sugar

Written Text

"Sugar" Jason Mraz and MC Flow Happy! Live Happy Be Happy Please Be Happy Dammit! Soda and other sugary drinks are the largest source of calories in our diet. 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans An extra sugary drink each day increases a child's risk of obesity by 60%. The Lancet, 2001 One or two sugary drinks a day increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by about 25%. Diabetes Care, 2010 About half of men with Diabetes will experience erectile dysfunction. Current Diabetes Reports, 2005 The sugars and acids in soda promote tooth decay. Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health, 2000 Diabetes is the cause of more than 60,000 amputations a year. U.S. Centers for Disease Control Dump the unhappy! Share the Bears Facebook / Twitter Brought to you by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Learn more at "Sugar" - written and performed by: Jason Mraz and MC Flow Published on behalf of Jason Mraz by: Goo Eyed Music (ASCAP)

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