"Windows 8: Party" 
This commercial shows a guy walking through his backyard on the morning after a party. The yard is a complete mess with garbage, feathers, instruments, a statue with makeup and a boa on it, and even a stuffed animal rabbit hanging from a tree. The guy holds up his tablet with a picture of what his backyard used to look like. After logging in, he checks out "what's new" and sees all his friends pictures from the previous night. There are people in costumes and masks, people posing with the statue, videos of people dancing and having a huge pillow fight, the band playing, and someone riding a tandem bike with a viking helmet on. They guy then does a quick image search for "cleaning products" and sends the images to his friends who came to the party asking if they want to come and help clean up. Yeah right...

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All that stays the same

Written Text

What's New 
Cleaning Products 
Open House Party - Part 2!? 
Sending Email 
Everyone is invited. 
Windows 8 

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