"Host a BBQ" 
This commercial is quite a change of pace for Carl's Jr... not only does the actor have all of their clothes on, but it's a man! While a blues song plays in the background, he holds up the new Carl's Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger which is stacked full of pulled pork, and hamburger patty, cheese, onion peels, and barbecue sauce. He takes a huge bite and loves it. A big drop of BBQ sauce falls onto his shirt, and he doesn't even care - he just keeps eating.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Eat like you mean it. The Memphis BBQ Burger. Pulled pork and crispy onion strings on a cheeseburger. Only at Carl's Jr.

Written Text

Host a BBQ in your mouth. 
Eat like you mean it. 
Memphis BBQ Burger 
Carl's Jr. 
Charbroiled Burgers

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