This commercial for Windows 8 features music as well as the music video for Lenka's "Everything at Once". We see her dancing in a black and white video with lots of unusual patterns and with eyes painted on her hands. Views of the tiles, photo library, weather, and maps are shown to highlight some of the new features of the new operating system.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

As cool as tree, as scary as the sea 
As warm as the sun, as silly as fun 
As hot as fire, cold as ice 
Sweet as sugar, and everything nice 
All I wanna be oh, all I want to be, oh 
All I wanna be is everything 
Everything at once

Written Text

10 - London - Mostly sunny 
Pictures library 
Katherine Simpson 
Warm as the sun 
Andrew Davis 
where i wanna be 
Diamond S Ranch Rd 
oh, all i wanna be... 
sweet as sugar 
Everything at once. 
Windows 8 

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