This commercial begins with a clip of a high school football player running with the ball. He does a flip over a defensive player and keeps on running. The person filming the video with their phone says, "Hello!" after the flip. We then see a bunch of kids in the cafeteria watching the video on their phone, and one of them shares it on Facebook. Soon it has gone viral and people across the country are watching the play, copying the "Hello" shout in the video. One of the people who watches the video is a coach from the University of Oklahoma (OU). At the next game, people in the stands are shouting "Hello" at the kid, and he just laughs. After the game, the coach from OU stops by to meet this football player because he's interested in having him play at his school.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

That's crazy, are you kidding me? 
Oh, Hello! 
I've got someone I want you to meet. 
AT&T, the nation's largest 4G network. Covering 3000 more cities and towns than Verizon. Rethink possible.

Written Text

The largest 4G network. 
3000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon. 
Rethink possible

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