"Power To The Music" 
This commercial shows a guy on a tower in the middle of the ocean. He is telling the story of how the pirate radio stations got their start in the UK in the 1960s. Inside these gun towers, they have a similar setup where they are playing old record albums and broadcasting them today.

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Access to music wasn't always so easy. In the 1960's the UK's national radio station starved people of their favorite music, so a crew of renegades who called themselves The Savages took over an abandoned gun tower 9 miles off-shore and played whatever they wanted. 
Stay tuned to Radio City 299 median way broadcasting all the way out to ??? tower of power playing all of the songs your mom doesn't want you to hear. 
People like them inspired the Logitech UE Smart Radio. It streams unlimited music from thousands of online stations and services like Pandora and Spotify. Because nothing should come between you and whatever immoral music you're into. 
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Power to the Music 
Logitech UE

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