"Reinvented Around You" 
This commercial shows some of the new features of Windows Phone 8 (Windows 8 Phone?). It highlights how your phone can be completely customized to your unique style and interests using the Live Tiles.

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We are not for everybody. We are for the individual. We are for the food lovers, the movie lovers, the road-tripper, and the music mentor. We're for the gamer, the fashion hunter, the page turner, and the single dad. We're for the socializer, the working mom, Thomas, Tommy, the Tom boy, and Tom. We're for the play-maker, the deal-seeker, twin brothers, and the up-all-nighters. So when we set out to make a smartphone, we didn't make one for all of us. We made one for each of us.

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Reinvented around you. 
Windows Phone 
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