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"GoPro HERO3: Black Edition - Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful" 
This commercial shows the quality of video you can get from the new GoPro Hero3 camera. It shows a long montage of clips in regular, slow, and fast motion. Some of these shots include: 
flying over a field and creek with snowy mountains in the background, flying behind another airplane over a lake, time lapse images of frost on grass, timelapse of a beach with surf boards, boats in a harbor, flying over Seattle, a resort with Tiki style huts on the ocean, people snorkeling, surfing, moutain biking, and snowboarding, helmet cam of someone skiing and snowboarding down a giant mountain, a guy riding his mountain bike across a log over a ravine, kayaking, a motorcycle speeding through a tunnel and down a highway, someone skiing off a cliff and then opening a parachute, guys going over huge waterfalls in kayaks, people swimming with huge whales, and much more...

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GoPro - Be a HERO 
Red Bull 
GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero 3, Go Pro Hero3, Go Pro Hero 3

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