"Listening is Back - Janelle Monae's House Party" 
This commercial for Sonos speakers begins with Janelle Monae getting ready for a party at her house. Her closet is full of tuxedos and dress shoes which she puts on. As she is getting dressed, she puts on some music using her smartphone, and it plays over her home stereo. At the party, people sing, dance, play crochet, play pool, and sit in a hot tub. Janelle takes a break during the party to go lay down in her room and listen to another song.

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Baby sometimes you treat me good 
And sometimes you treat me bad 
Hey, hey! 
We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out 
There's a wood under your scissors and it wants to break out 
There's a killer in the hall and he's watching it all 
Bang, bang! 
He's done his job and he's hungry for more 
You can see it you can feel it, metal to your head 
Might as well kiss the monster, laugh, have fun 'til you're dead 
Who can cook? Who can clean? Who will paint the fence? 
I will! I will! I will! IWill! 
We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out 
Love's Not So Hard to Find

Written Text

Music Library, Radio, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora Radio, Rdio, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Slacker 
Janelle Monae 
Atlanta, GA 
Deep Cotton 
Runaway Radio 
Channel 75 - SiriusXM Pops Homage to Rachmaninoff - Robert H. Hagenbuch Jr. 
Listening is Back 
The wireless HiFi system 

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