This commercial begins by asking Darth Vader a simple question as he breathes heavily in the background - Now that you're part of the Disney family, what are you going to do next? In answer to the question, we see him riding the teacup ride at Disney World as Storm Troopers wave at him from the side. Next he rides the Dumbo ride, the carousel, and gets some popcorn. One of the Storm Troopers gets a drink, but can't use the straw because of his mask. Next, of course, he rides Space Mountain and looks at his picture at the end. He visits the castle, pulls King Arthur's sword from the stone with The Force, and watches the parade of Disney princesses while holding a Mickey Mouse balloon. He gets on a spaceship ride, takes a ride of the paddle boat, and goes through the a haunted ride pulling out his light saber when something jumps out to scare him. He goes dancing at a Disney club, and ends the night by watching the fireworks show.

Written Text

Darth Vader... 
Now that you're part of the Disney family... 
What will you do next? 
Space Mountain 5908 
King Arthur Carousel 

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