"LeBron's Day with the Samsung Galaxy Note II" 
This commercial shows NBA star LeBron James starting the day with his children after his championship game with the Heat. He is pouring cereal for one of them while the other has just taken a picture of his dad with a Galaxy Note II, and is now using the stylus to give him a red afro. LeBron asks for the phone and the family gets a big laugh out of the picture. As he's looking at it, he gets a congratulatory text message from Magic Johnson. Next he uses the phone to video chat with a school classroom where the students are holding up a congratulations banner. Later that day as he's driving around town in his silver Jeep, he waves to some neighborhood kids, and takes some pictures with the fans. As he's buying people lunch at a food truck, he gets a call from his basketball coach. After lunch, he drives around town some more, and they show various uniquely painted buildings including one that looks like an old school boombox, and one with a giant shark on it. He stops at a barber shop to get a hair cut and has fun with all the guys there including showing them video of someone dunking a basketball which he shares online. I drive up in a sports car for the ceremony that night with a license plate that says EARNED1 (Earned One - i.e., a championship ring). He listens to some music on the phone and gets stretched with a physical trainer. He takes some pictures of his gold shoes and his fellow teammates before going out onto the basketball court for the ceremony.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You gonna eat all that cereal? Ronny, what you doin' over there? 
Let me get that. Hey, what's up guys. 
Congratulations Lebron! 
Aw, thanks guys. You guys watching tonight, right? You got one on my phone? 
Two, two. Make his a lot bigger. 
Whatcho want? Coach Dru. Yo, what up. I need the best. Big day. I gotta send that out, man. 
Keep on Pushin' 
Keep on Pushing 
I've got to keep on pushing 
I can't stop now 
Move up a little higher 
Someway or somehow 
'Cause I've got my strength 
And it don't make sense 
Not to keep on pushin' 
Hey, Hallelujah,Hallelujah 
Keep on pushin' 
Now, maybe some day 
I'll reach that higher goal

Written Text

Magic Johnson - Congrats, young fella. Nothing like the first one. Enjoy the big night! 
Congratulations, LeBron 
Mobile Kitchen 
Coach Dru 
Escobar Barber Shop 
In God We Trust 
I Promise 
The next big thing is here. 
Samsung Galaxy Note II 
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Samsung Mobile Commercial

Samsung Mobile Commercial

Dates: - May 2013
This Television Commercial refers to Samsung Galaxy Note II Commercial
Paul Rudd makes a reference to this ad when he says he could be in a commercial eating breakfast with Lebron James's kids.

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