Shows a mother and her son. The son is drinking SunnyD. There are then a series of images showing the shadows of kids doing summer activities: a boy jumping, a boy doing tricks on a bike, a girl jumping rope, a boy pitching in a baseball game, holding up a trophy, a girl picking up and drinking a glass of SunnyD, someone playing the guitar, a girl getting kissed by her mom, two kids kicking a soccer ball, three kids jumping next to a SunnyD van, a girl twirling a ribbon, a girl swinging, and finally a shadow lifting their arms in front of a barn. In the background a song is playing with the repeating words "Shine on".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When it's sunny, a kid's spirit comes shining through. 
Sunny taste, sunny spirit, Sunny D. 
Brings out the best in kids. 
SunnyD. Open a bottle of sunshine.

Written Text

100% vitamin C - 100% RDA per 8oz serving 
Since 1964 
Open a bottle of sunshine.

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