"AT&T Halloween TV Commercial - "Whiz Bang" Largest 4G Network" 
This commercial is basically a copy of a previous ad that AT&T released only it is edited for Halloween. It is sort of a combination between a stop-motion and stitched together short videos (most likely using a green screen) that make it look like a guy is traveling all over, but his motions are smooth. In this particular ad, numerous Halloween references are shown in the background including: 
* gargoyle statues in front of the giant reflective "bean" in Chicago 
* a Pirate ship in the harbor next to the Golden Gate Bridge 
* zombie gnomes near a skateboarder in Austin 
* a hike with a girl through a cemetery 
* a creepy scarecrow at the beach with ravens in the sky 
* lightning striking near him in a town 
* cobwebs on a building he is coming out of 
* a stack of pumpkins / Jack-o-lanterns outside a burger restaurant 
* a pirate treasure chest at the beach 
* a ghostly figure in an alley 
* a black cat on a bridge 
* a mummy in the park 
* vampire bats on a steel structure 
* a hunchback near a train stop 
* Frankenstein on the street 
* a full moon at the beach 
* a swamp creature reaching into a row boat on a river 
* the wolfman / werewolf in a field 
* the words "Help Me" written on a chalkboard near a beaded door he is coming out of 
* Death's scythe coming out of a school bus food truck 
* a UFO shooting a bridge 
* Death down the street from a barber shop 
* a scary clown at an airport 
* a ghost in a gazebo 
* a goat man with fiery eyes on a wall 
* a barn with an ax sticking out of the wall 
* Dracula at an El station 
* an executioner on the sidewalk 
* a ghostly Western scene 
* a hand coming out of the sand at the beach 
* a pelican with burning eyes 
* a movie theater marquee that says "BOOOOOO" 
* a ghostly looking pirate 
* walking skeletons 
* an alien shooting a ray gun 
* a winged, Godzilla-like monster 
* a creepy guy coming out of the sewer 
* a swamp monster photobombing one of his pictures 
* several zombies 
* flying Vampire bats 
* a sheet ghost 
* a witch flying on a broom at the beach 
* AT&T's logo turns into a pumpkin

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Happy Halloween from AT&T, the nation's largest 4G network.

Written Text

Greetings from Austin Captol of Texas 
Red's Double Cheeseburger & Beer, Red's Special Hot Dog & Soda 
Help Me 
Pick Up Here, Better cuz we're baked 
Barber Shop 
Chicago BOOOOOO 
Hi Dive 
Austin Frigid Frog Shaved Ice 
Hey Cupcake 
Barking Crab 
Happy Halloween from AT&T 
The nation's largest 4G network. 

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