"May the Birds Be With You" 
This Windows 8 commercial with a Star Wars theme begins with someone using the picture password on a girl holding up cinnimon rolls to her hair to make her look like Princess Leia. A girl then searches Bing for "far away galaxies" (in a galaxy far, far away). Next she looks for "agressive birds" and looks through pictures of (supposedly) aggressive birds including a baby chicken with an angry look on it's face. Next she watches a video of the space shuttle taking off, a cartoon with a UFO, and then a big montage of all these themes (Star Wars, Birds, Space) comes up and finally we see the new Angry Birds Star Wars game. The game features the Angry Birds dressed up as Star Wars characters including Obi Wan, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and the pigs dressed up as Storm Troopers.

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XBox video 
May the Birds be with you 
Star Wars 
Windows 8 

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