This commercial shows an Apple iPad (full-sized) next to an iPad Mini while a light and fun piano song plays. On each screen the iPads have the iBooks app open. The iPad opens up Ernest Hemmingway's "The Sun Also Rises", and the iPad Mini counters with "The Valley of the Moon" by Jack London. Next the iPad pulls up "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck, and the Mini's retort is the western, "How the West Was Won" by Louis L'Amour. The iPad tries again with Moby Dick from Herman Melville and the iPad Mini opens up "Gone Fishing" by James H. Schmitz. 
Someone then picks up the iPad mini and starts reading "Gone Fishing", turning the pages by swiping their finger across the screen. They tap the screen to bookmark their page, and close the book returning it to their iBook Library.

Written Text

The Sun Also Rises 
Ernest Hemingway 
Scribner Classics 
- vs - 
The Valley of the Moon 
by Jack London 
John Steinbeck Centennial Edition (1902-2002) 
John Steinbeck 
East of Eden 
Penguin Books 
- vs - 
How the West Was Won 
Louis L'Amour 
Based on the screenplay written by James R. Webb 
Bantam Books 
Herman Melville 
Moby Dick 
Vigo Popular Classics 
- vs - 
Gone Fishing 
by James H. Schmitz 
Illustrated by Krenkel 
Gone Fishing: 
some distance away, in the desert or among the remotely towering mountain ranges. One thing he had learned from the binder was that McAllen had told the truth in saying no one could contact him from Earth before the full period of his exile was over. The reason had seemed appalling enough in itself. This world had moved to a point in its orbit where the radiance of its distant sun was thickening between it and Earth, growing too intense to be penetrated by the forces of the McAllen Tube. Another four years would pass before the planet and the valley emerged gradually from behind that barrier again. 
He walked, rested, walked again. Now and then he was troubled by a burst of violent sweating, followed by shivering fits until his clothes began to try again. The big moon edged presently over the ridge above him, and in the first flood of its light the opposite slope of the valley took on the apprance of a fanciful sub-oceanic reef. The activity of the animal life about Barney increased promptly. It was no darker now than an evening hour on Earth, and his fellow occupants of the Ecological Base seemed well-adjusted to the strange shifts of day and night to which they had ben consigned. 
He pushed through a final thicket of shrubbery, and found himself at the dge of the lake. Beyond the almost circular body of water, a towering wall of cliffs sealed the upper end of the valley. He had come almost a mile, and while a mile - a city mile, at least - wouldn't have meant much to Barney Chard at one time, he felt quit exhausted now. He sat down at the edge of the water, and, after a minute or two, bent forward and drank from it. It had the same cold, clear flavor as the water in the cabin. 
The surface of the water was unquiet. Soft-flying large insects of some kind were swarming about, stippling the nearby stretch of the lake with their touch, and there were frequent swifts swirls as fish rose from beneath to take down the flyers. Presently one of them broke clear into the air - a big fish, thick-bodied and shining, looking as long as Barney's arm in the moonlight - and dropped back with a splash. Barney grinned twistedly. The NOTES indicated Dr. McAllen had taken some part in stocking the valley, and one could trust McAllen to see to it that the presence of his beloved game fish wasn't overlooked even in so outlandish a project. 
He shifted position, became aware of the revolver in his pocket and brought it out. A save of dull anger surged slowly through him again. What they did with trees and animals was their own business. But what they had done to a human being.... 
He scrambled suddenly to his feet, drew his arm back, and sent the gun flying far out over the lake. It spun through the moonlight, dipped, struck the surface with less of a splash than the fish had made, and was gone. 
iPad, iPad mini 
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