"Holiday Baby" 
This commercial shows a father out with his baby doing some Christmas shopping for his wife. He picks up a drill and jokingly mentions that "mom would love this". When he looks down at the stroller, this son is missing and he frantically goes searching for him around Sears while the baby is just crawling around having fun. He sees the baby on a display of TVs and later sees him upstairs driving a toy car, but he has trouble keeping up. The little boy is finally found at a jewelry display which he knocks over making a big mess. Luckily this big mess also helps the dad find the perfect gift for his wife and the boy's mother - earrings.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey buddy, I bet mom would love this, huh? 
Jack! Jack? Jack! Jack! 
Looks good ladies! 
Jack! Come on. Stop the car. 
Jack! No no no no no no. 
The only thing more surprising that finding the perfect gifts is where you find them. 
How did you know? 
I had a little help. 
Out of all the reindeer you know you're the mastermind 
Run, run Rudolph, Randalph's not too far behind

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