"Pumagility - Footprints" 
This commercial shows hundreds of Puma running shoes laied out all over a city. Soon we realize that the shoes represent when a runner has been, and these are their "footprints". First the shoes follow a fairly normal pattern, but soon they are jumping over railings, weaving in and out of poles, running down steps, jumping over puddles, and at one point we see that the runner stopped to talk to a pretty girl at an outdoor cafe. He is soon back running though and we can see that he jumps up on a barrier pole, and then his shoes disappear. Down the street we see a flatbed truck with his foot prints on it, and the line continues across the street. He enters an alley, jumps on a garbage can and over a wall. Next he moves up a fire escape and onto the roof of a building. The camera follows the shoe to the edge of a building and looks down over the edge to see what happened and there are no shoes down there. They then look across the street and there is the actual runner on the next building over with shoes trailing behind him.

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You're the one I follow  
Follow to the middle  
Middle of the shadows  
Far away from all the sorrows  
You're the one I follow  
Follow all the way oh  
Way into the darkness,  
Where the sun is shining yellow  
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Pumagility (Puma Agility) 
Get a move on 

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