"NBA on ESPN: A Bug Hits the Windshield" 
This commercial features sportscaster Mike Breen driving an RV down the highway with NBA star Anthony Davis in the seat behind him. In the passenger seat is "Hugo" the mascot of the New Orleans Hornets. While driving, a bug splatters on the windshield, and Breen and Davis get very uncomfortable because Hugo is also a bug and must feel bad. Breen puts on the windshield wipers to try and wipe the mess away, but it just smears the bug juices all around. They try to washer fluid too, but that doesn't help, so finally they ask Hugo to try to reach out with a napkin to clean up the mess, but he just stares at them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I sent him a friend request 4 days ago. I mean how insensitive can someone be? I am so sorry Hugo. Maybe if I try the wipers. No, that's just smearing it. 
Try the washer fluid. 
No, no, that's worse. Hugo, there's some napkins in the glove compartment. See if you can reach out and grab some of the big pieces. 
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