"HP: Sound of Touch" 
This commercial features Robbie Wilde, a DJ who happens to be deaf. While he can't hear music, he can feel the bass, and that's how he connects with music and his job. We see him searching for some vinyl records at a music shop. Next we see him at home working on his new HP Envy 4 Touch Ultrabook powered by Windows 8. He picks some music to play, and his screen turns into a touchable DJ interface that lets him play with the track.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

DJing is all about connecting. To people. To rhythms. I'm deaf, but I've always been able to feel the bass. Now I feel it in a whole new way. I connect more. I get closer. It doesn't matter that I can't hear the music.  
(In sign language) Because I can touch it. 
Touch - it matters. 
The HP Envy 4 TouchSmart Ultrabook featuring Windows 8 with touch and Beats Audio. ONly from HP

Written Text

The Sound of Touch. 
Robbie Wilde, thatDEAFdj 
XBox Music 
Because I can touch it. 
HP Envy 4 TouchSmart Ultrabook featuring Beats Audio 
HP - Make it matter. 
HPNV4, HP NV4, HP NV 4, Touch Mart, Ultra, Book BeatsAudio

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