"Watch Her Shine On Stage" 
This commercial shows a young girl playing dress-up. First she puts on a top hat, tuxedo top, and holds a magician's wand. She goes through a big trunk full of clothes and costumes and finds a fancy dress and hat to put on next. Then she pulls out a big yellow scarf that she puts over her head while holding up a parasol / umbrella. We see that not only is she playing dress up in front of a mirror, but also modeling the clothing for her American Girl doll who she is talking to. After a while, she makes the doll do some of the same things she was just doing, including looking through a (smaller) trunk full of doll clothes that she changes her into. The playing continues for a while with several different outfits for both the girl and the doll as they have fun playing all day.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I know it's in here somewhere. 
There it is! 
Charmed, I'm sure. 
How was that? 
It's in here somewhere. 
You and I are like two stars in the night 
Shooting across the sky 
You and I 
Hold my hand and we'll promise not to part 
This could be the start of you and I

Written Text

Let her be playful. 
Let her be dramatic. 
Rebecca 1914 
American Girl 
Let her be 100% herself. 
Watch her shine. 
American Girl

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