"Spread the Play" This commercial features a small black and white dog (Boston Terrier) who carries around a tennis ball trying to get people to play with him. Some people aren't really into it at first, but soon they throw or bounce the ball, and the dog has some much fun catching it, chasing it, or retrieving it, that soon everyone is having fun playing or even just watching. Some of the places the dog goes is into a dry cleaner, on the street, in the park, in a mechanic's garage/bay, and a laundromat. The dog will walk up to anyone with the ball it his mouth, and just drop it in front of them.

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(Lyrics) Well, I really really really really want something Well, I really really really really want someone I really want this girl, I'm in love with her I really really really really want this girl I really want this girl She don't want ??? Am I taking it too seriously I know I may not ??? Inside and out

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