"Selena Goes NEO" 
This commercial directed by D.A.R.Y.L. features Selena Gomez and a few other kids wandering around a big city vandalizing everything with bright green spray paint, streamers, tape, and regular paint. It begins with Selena spray painting a green line on a white wall. She meets up with her other friends who bring all the other supplies and they start. The run down the street with a big piece of fabric, and then just drop it when they start to throw the streamers over fences and buildings. Next they put the colored tape on stop signs, bikes, and store windows. They cover entire walls, vehicles, and even buildings with this green color just for fun, and then admire their work.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh oh ohhh ooh 
To have it all, to have it all 
To have it all, and still want more 
One thing's for sure, one thing's for sure 
One thing's for sure, we're all getting older 
So we take a lover, so we take a lover 
So we take a lover waiting in the corner 
Before you know it, Before you know it 
Before you know it, a parent a parent 
And we go back to where we came from  
Like those before and those to come  
And know it's the ever and the more

Written Text

Selena goes NEO 
Stop All-Way 
Live your style 
Adidas NEO 

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