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I want the whole world to celebrate 
I wanna come home 
To the only place I know 
Where the trees I planted grow 
I wanna come home 
I want the whole world to celebrate 
I want the whole world to celebrate

Written Text

Gifts&Wrapped / Gifts & Wrapped 
Car&Packed / Car & Packed 
Highways&Byways / Highways & Byways 
Knock&Knock / Knock & Knock 
Hugs&Hellos / Hugs & Hellos 
Mom&Dad / Mom & Dad, Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Santa! 
Stories&HaHaHa! / Stories & Ha Ha Ha! 
Stories&HoHoHo! / Stories & Ho Ho Ho! 
Egg&Nog / Egg & Nog 
Yule&Log / Yule & Log 
Home&Coming / Home & Coming 
Merry&Christmas / Merry & Christmas 
Crate&Barrel / Crate & Barrel

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