This commercial features clips from several movies including Hook, The Muppets, Sesame Street, Jamanji and others which can be watched from the LoveFilm Instant service.

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Get ready on LoveFilm Instant. It's new, easy to use, and simply a great way to watch unlimited TV series and movies instantly. All your family needs to get going is Broadband and any of these devices. Even the new Amazon Kindle Fire. For just a fiver a month, the whole family will love it. LoveFilm instant from Amazon 
Are you all ready 
Are you ready, get set 
Are you ready, get set, are you ready

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LOVEFiLM Instant 
Love Film 
Smart TV, PS3, XBox 360, iPad, PC, Kindle Fire 
4.99 a month 
30 day free trial 
Now on Kindle Fire

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