"Invisible Parents" This commercial shows a loving father taking care of his daughter. He takes her to the fair, on vacation, fixes her bike, lets her take a nap on him, have a birthday party, go visit grandparents, ride bikes, reads her books, and more. At the end we see that the parents are a gay couple, and we learn that most of Europe doesn't recognize this as a "real" family. Speak up and share on InvisibleParents.EU

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When you look back at all of the memories, you start to see how difficult it must have been, and you begin to learn who your parents really are. The choices they made, and the ones made for them. And throughout all the laughter, the lessons, and the love you learn that your parents are only children grown up, and only then do you realize how difficult the world really is and how truly thankful you are for their sacrifice to love each other and to love you. Look back, and then look forward

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The Jungle Book Most of Europe doesn't recognise this family. Speak up and share

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