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Everyone needs to hear something. A little girl wearing a Christmas tree costume wants to hear that she did a good job. A man, stringing lights on the Christmas tree wants to hear that he and his partner will always be together. A woman hanging mistletoe wants to hear that she's still got it. An older man gets out the Menorah, and wants to hear that the family's traditions still matter. A young teenage boy wants to hear that he is loved for who he is. An older woman looks out the window and wants to hear that her loved ones can't wait to be home. A woman sits at a dinner table with her new family and wants to hear that they are glad she is part of the family. A man walking on a street wants to hear that he is missed, even if he can't be with his family for the holidays this year.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Tell me that I did a good job. Tell me we'll always be together. Tell me I've still got it. That our traditions matter. Tell me you love me for who I am. That you can't wait to be home. Tell me you're glad I've joined your family. Even if I can't be there this year. Just tell me. For everything they need to hear, there's a Hallmark card.

Written Text

Life is a special occasion. Hallmark.

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