The commercial begins with a little girl walking into a closet. She stands on her tip toes and pulls a Target red bag down from a shelf. As the bag hits the floor, wrapped gifts tumble out. The now empty bag has a light shining from inside, and the little girl crawls into the bag, and is suddenly in a new world, filled with toys and books. She walks down a pathway made of giant colorful crayons. Lego people skate on an ice rink. Books fly in the air around her. She climbs on a silver glittery reindeer for a ride, ending at a pink castle. As she runs through the castle doors, she is suddenly back in the closet where she started.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Dreamin' out loud, nothing gonna stop me now 
Spreading my wings, until I'm gonna reach the clouds 
It's the little things hey, hey 
Make me go yea, yea 
Oh, Oh 
It's the little things, hey, hey

Written Text

Dream Big. Save Bigger. 
Expect more. Pay less.

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