GoDaddy Commercial

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"Frank's Online Pizza Empire is SEXY!" This commercial begins with a beautiful brunette woman pulling up some stockings at a pizza restaurant while biting her lip. This is one example of "sexy". Next we see an old, overweight, sweaty man (Joey Diaz) working as a cook in a pizza shop. He is also sexy because he built a pizza empire with GoDaddy.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

At Go Daddy, we think sexy comes in many forms. Naomi, for example, personifies one of them. But open your mind and find the sexy in Frank. Frank built his web site with GoDaddy. Now he can take orders online. Is building a pizza empire online sexy? We think so. Open yourself up to "Frank sexy". Get your domain and web site at Yes, how are you? Pie up.

Written Text

Pizza Pasta Get your domain and website Go Daddy, GoDaddy,

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