"Share Something Big" 
This Canadian commercial shows a couple who just moved into a new house/apartment around Christmas time. They haven't really unpacked yet and certainly haven't had time to decorate for the holidays, so they just have a bunch of Christmas lights spread out over a stack of boxes shaped sort of like a tree. They are eating a shared meal of McDonald's Big Macs and fries together by candle light.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This holiday, share something big with someone special. Right now, two can dine for $9.98 on Big Mac extra value meals. 
You were a phonograph, I was a kid 
I sat with an ear close, just listening in

Written Text

2 can dine for $9.98 on Big Mac extra value meals 
Dec 10-23 
I'm lovin' it 


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