"Sky UK +1 Channels" 
Sky TV knows that you don't always have time to watch your favorite shows when they are officially broadcast. That's why they have +1 channels that let you watch the shows you want later. The advert features clips from Elementary, The Middle, Boardwalk Empire, and Bored to Death among others.

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Time is never on our side. Your busy lives can lead to missing the start of the TV shows you love. That's why we believe in giving you a second chance. Sky One, Sky Living, and Sky Atlantic now offer +1 channels so you can tune into your shows one hour later. Sky - believe in better. 
TV's mine! Tell me I didn't miss it! Tell me I didn't miss it! 
It's always a good time

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Sky 1 +1 
Sky Living +1 
Sky Atlantic +1 
Sky +1, Sky + 1, Sky Plus1, Sky Plus 1, Sky PlusOne, Sky Plus One 
Believe in better

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