This commercial for MiO water enhancer shows two guys at work talking about the product. One guy is squirting some into his water to flavor it, and the other has never seen or tried it before. That talk about it back and forth, and each time the camera switches view between the two guys, they change as well as everything in the office. 
Changes to the View of the Guy in the Cubical 
* The guy's cubical begins completely normal and he is wearing regular office clothing. His desk has a computer with a graph on it, plant, a phone, and a paper tray. The guy in the cubical next to him and the office behind him are both normal. 
* The guy then changes to someone with thick glasses, a bow tie, and shorts. His desk has a computer still with a graph one it, but the plant is now shaped like a duck, the phone is an old fashioned phone, and the paper tray has turned into several swords. The guy in the next cubical has an Elvis hairdo, and the guy in the office has a party hat on. 
* The guy next changes to an aviator uniform with helmet and he has a mustache. The computer has turned into a microwave, the plant is now a pot of flowers, the phone is an old fashioned bulks cell phone, and the swords have changed to a convenience store hot dog roller cooker. The guy in the next cubical has a top hat, monocle, and handlebar mustache. The guy in the back office has a trucker hat on. 
* We return again and the man has a beard and is dressed like Hugh Hefner with a boat captain hat and a robe. The computer is back, but it's made of wood and has a fire going on the screen. The flowers are a bonzai tree, the phone is a different old phone, and now there is a boat in a bottle. The guy in the next cubical is wearing a fruit hat, and the guy in the back office is wearing a conductor hat and is playing with a toy train. 
* In the last scene, the man is now a short black man (he was white) wearing a cowboy outfit. His entire desk has turned into bales of hay. The computer has a kicking horse screensaver, the plant is a cactus, the phone has a steer horn on it, and there are horseshoes hanging on the cubicle. The man in the cubical has long braided hair, and the back office guy is knitting something. 
Changes to the View of the Guy Standing 
* The guy is wearing normal work clothes. We see a kitten calendar attached to the cubical, a desk lamp, a clock on the wall, a filing cabinet behind him, and a normal woman working in the office behind him. 
* The guy's clothes don't change, but the calendar now has puppies on it, the style of the desk lamp has changed, the clock is now a ship wheel. The woman in the office now has a beehive hairdo. The filing cabinet has changed to an old arcade game. 
* The guy's clothes are still the same (he hasn't tried the Mio himself yet), but the calendar is now a 1970's style photo, the lamp has changed again, the clock is a surreal melted clock, the woman is in a chef hat, and the arcade game is now a shower. 
* The guy how has an afro haircut and is wearing a tennis outfit, the calendar is a painting of an old man, the clock is a cuckoo clock, the shower is an old phone booth, and the woman is practicing karate (and even karate chops her desk in half). 
* The man changes to an old Asian woman, the calendar is a wall safe full of gold, the lamp is an old mine lantern, the clock is a pizza, the phone booth is a slot machine, and the woman is playing an organ.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wow, what do you got there? 
Berry Pomegranate Mio. 
Berry Pomegranate what? 
Berry Pomegranate Mio. 
Do I just squirt a little? 
Or you could squirt a lot. 
Mmmmmmmm. It really changes your water. 
It changes everything. 
You can say that again. 
Ha ha ha ha. 
Mio. Squirt some.

Written Text

Squirt Some 

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