"2013 Kia Optima Blake Time Travels - 1999 Arcade" 
This commercial features NBA star Blake Griffin driving around in his Kia Optima. He tells the on-board computer to take him back to 1999. The radio starts playing a 1999 hit and the whole car goes back in time to 1999. He ends up in a parking lot of an arcade where his younger self is playing a driving game. While sitting on a horse ride, older Blake talks to younger Blake about his Kia Optima. He also suggests that he play the basketball dunking game instead of the racing game.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Take me back to 1999. UGO, play jukebox. 
Need a better car? My Optima was ranked most appealing mid-sized sedan by JD Power and Associates. 
Who are you? 
I'm you from the future. You should be playing that game. 
But all you do is dunk in that game. 
I'm blue 
Da ba dee da ba die

Written Text

Mini Market 
Game Over 
Tire Burner 
Mega Dunk 
Kia Optima + Blake Griffin 
Kia - Official Automotive Partner

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