"New Me" 
This commercial shows someone using Google Play to help them get started on their New Year's resolutions. They start with some inspirational music including the Rocky Soundtrack. Next he picks out the movie, "Run Fatboy Run", to watch, and installs some workout and training apps. He then starts looking through some health food magazine subscriptions but gets distracted by a Cookie magazine. Unfortunately he just can't resist and he gives up on all the healthy stuff and goes cookie crazy and decides instead of the new me starting today, the new me can start tomorrow. Oh, Cookie Monster - we love you!

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Nom nom nom!

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Google Play 
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Rocky: Original Soundtrack 
Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky) - Bill Conti - From the Album "Rocky (30th Anniversary)" 
New me start today. 
Neighbors - Share 
New Me Playlist 
Rocky Theme - Bill Conti 
Physical - Olivia Newton-John 
Push It - Salt-N-Pepa 
Work Out - J Cole 
Chariots of Fire 
Fun Fatboy Run 
Food, Inc. 
Workout Trainer - Skimble Inc. / Heath & Fitness 
runtastic PRO - Runtastic / Health & Fitness 
Calorie Counter by Fat Secret - Fatsecret / Health & Fitness 
Martha Stewart's Cookies 
Everyday Food: Light 
The Eating Well Diet 
Big, Soft, Chewy Cookies - More than 75 recipes for the best cookies in the world - Jill Van Cleave 
Cookie Baking - Free Cooking 
Simply Sensational Cookies - Nancy Baggett 
Milk & Cookies from New yORK - Jill Van Cleave 
Cookie Dozen - Game Circus LLC 
Taste of Home Cookies - 623 irresistible delights! 
The Ultimate Gluten-Free Cookie Book - Roben Ryberg 
Eat Cookie - Kellogg 
The Cookie Party Cookbook - The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Cookie Exchange - Robin L. Olson 
New me start tomorrow. 
Cookie Monster, now playing 
123 Sesame Street Episodes 
Google Play

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