"Power Is - Power to Be Your Best" 
This old Apple/Macintosh ad shows various images of power such as: 
the ocean, the moon, wild horses, birds in flight, a high jumper, a pole vaulter, a long jumper, a shot putter, Niagara Falls, a choir, a race car, a bobsled, a rodeo star, a conductor, a guitar player, a tiger, a singer, electricity, a helicopter, a dragster, a sculptor, lighting, a symphony, a surfer, a football player, a swimmer, a baseball stadium, a pitcher, a boxer, an arm wrestler, a weight lifter, a karate expert, a dancer 
Then we see the power that your finger has when it is using a Macintosh computer to create, design, and learn.

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Think of all the power on this Earth. The power of nature and human endurance. The power of spirit and speed and determination. And then realize that of all this power, none is more potent than the power that resides within the minds of us all. The power to learn, to communicate, to imagine, to create. The power to be your best. 
Baby baby

Written Text

The power to be your best.

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