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Rosetta Stone Commercial (2012)

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Rosetta Stone Commercial

Summer 2012
Genres: Education
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Plot / Description

This commercial features people in various situations singing about their experiences speaking in different languages after learning from Rosetta Stone. The song parodies the famous opera song "Funiculi, Funucula" and includes such scenes as a man who was able to "pick up" a model because he could speak to her in Japanese, a man who talked his way out of a traffic ticket in Portugal, and a woman who helped her boss land a big corporate deal in France. We also see a woman who after years in the dark was able to understand her Italian aunt, a guy ordering food in Germany and then later gave a business presentation in German, a woman who lost her phone while overseas and was able to get a new one because she could speak the language, and people who had a great time in India because of their language fluency.


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I picked up a hot super model 
In Japanese, what a tease 
I begged my way out of this police thing 
On my knees, in Portuguese 
I closed a massive deal and made a killing 
For my new boss, here in France 
I finally understood my Aunt Maria 
Even on Sangria. Ay Dios Mio! 
Ordered schnitzel like I'm one of them 
Dazzled them in Deutsch with my laser pointer pen 
I lost my cell phone, talked to this guy, and got a new one on the fly 
I spoke, I joked, that's why we really crushed it in Mumbai

Written Text

Rosetta Stone 
Policia Carvalho 
Viaja en tren. 
Rosa, Sabrina, Caitlin