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Toyota Commercial (2013)

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Toyota Commercial

Winter/Spring 2013
Genres: Vehicles
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Plot / Description

"Let's Go Places" 
This commercial for Toyota shows various clips of people driving Toyota cars and the sort of things and life experiences that you have in a car. It begins with scenes of driving across a giant steel bridge, a country road, a snow-covered road, a race track, a dirt road, and a empty big city street. Then we go down many of the same scenes as above, but instead of seeing the view from inside the car, it shows us behind the car. After this we start to see some of the things that happen inside the car in the back seat. Two little girls are eating ice cream cones while a Yellow Lab tries to steal a lick from one of the cones. A young couple, the boy in a tuxedo and the blonde girl in a fancy pink dress are obviously being driven to a school dance or similar event. Next we see a family bringing home a crying newborn baby from the hospital, who falls asleep on the drive home. A group of bridesmaids in purple dresses are shown on their way to the wedding, followed by a boy playing guitar in the back seat. After this follows a montage of Toyota cars and trucks driving in various places such as by the ocean, through various climates, followed by a scene of people out camping and swimming in a lake. The focus on the back seat moves from people riding in the back seat to the driver and we see many different people until we get to a off-road racing driver who we see go over a giant jump in his Toyota truck. An FJ Cruiser is seen driving across a stream and a Tundra pulling the space shuttle across a bridge. At the end we see a futuristic concept car pull up to a light on a city street at night and the body has colorful lines stream down it.


Let's go places. Not just the ones you can find on a map, but the ones you can find in your heart. Let's go beyond everything we know, and embrace everything we don't, and once we've reached our destination, let's keep going. Because inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still - it dances with the daring and rewards the courageous with ideas. Excite, challenge, even inspire. Ideas that take you places you never imagined. Ideas big enough and powerful enough to make the heart skip a beat, and in some cases, maybe two. Toyota, let's go places. 
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Written Text

Let's go places.